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Thu Nov 14 17:15:33 MST 2002

--- Mike Ballard <swillsqueal at> wrote:

> Self-identification as an anarchist is neither a
> requirement nor a block to organizing in the I.W.W.

Well, in theory. The fact of the matter is that IWW is overwhelmingly
anarchist, and every modern-day wobbly I've ever met has described the
IWW as an anarchist organization. A person leaning towards Bolshevism
would be mighty uncomfortable in the IWW. (I actually had one guy tell
me, though I realized later he was full of it, that the IWW actively
kicked out Bolsheviks trying to organize.)

ben comments:
I notice a link to the US ISO website on the IWW homepage as one site
 worth watching for news etc.The IWW website looks nice, by the way.

But I agree that trying to rebuild the IWW now is a bit of an
excercise in nostalgia... I think modern day wobblies should take a
leaf out of the book of the (original) Australian IWW, who basically
functioned as a political current vying for leadership of struggles,
within Australia's industrial unions. There was less need for an
independent industrially organising union movement in Australia,
because the unions had already to a certain extent embraced industrial
organisation -- which didn't happen on a large scale in the US until
the CIO was formed in the late 1930s.

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