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David Walters dwalters at
Thu Nov 14 17:27:48 MST 2002

    For the purposes of this discussion, it is unfortunate that David omits
    the  fact that he was involved with the Lambertistes in the USA, who
    have a typical Zinovievist methodology, so he is not exactly above the
    fray on these sorts of questions.

It is not an omission, I was not talking about "David Walters Political
Adventures: A New Mini-Series", but more objectively about the issue of
regroupment. I was in the Lambert Socialist Organizer here in the US from
1992 to 2000 or there about...

>Most of the regroupment efforts in the US have been among the demoralized,
>'ex'-Leninist types, who seek "broader" socialist unity. I think Louis fits
>this model, as do those from the CofC (does it really exist anymore?) and

Demoralized? You mean that I don't have sufficient "morale" to sell a
newspaper with hammers and sickles and pictures of Leon Trotsky on the
fringes of mass demonstrations? Guess what, you're right.

No, it means being aimless in the whole point of the/a project such as
'regroupment'...but demoralized, yes, from any sort of Leninist party
building, in the best sense of the term.

>Basically, 'regroupment' has become a byword for a different approach to
>fighting for 'market share' that Louis objects to...except Louis essentially
>approaches the same question with the same method but from a different

Frankly, I am opposed to regroupment involving groups that retain a
Zinovievist orientation. As I tried to explain early on in this discussion,
the SWP treated regroupment in the 1950s in a cynical fashion while the
Cochranites were sincere about putting all the small proprietorship model
behind them. My sincere hope is that the DSP will do so as well.

This is a different discussion then...on the entire thread over what's going
on down under  and in Britain, the discussion is almost exclusively about
and AMONG groups that follow this model in some way...including the DSP
which sees itself as some sort of dialectical non-Trotskyist Cannonist
group. What they are aspiring too my transcend this, for better or worse,
but the components are clearly "Zinoviest" in orientation.

David Walters

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