US Far Left, brief rejoinder

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Nov 14 18:14:25 MST 2002

>This is a different discussion then...on the entire thread over what's going
>on down under  and in Britain, the discussion is almost exclusively about
>and AMONG groups that follow this model in some way...including the DSP
>which sees itself as some sort of dialectical non-Trotskyist Cannonist
>group. What they are aspiring too my transcend this, for better or worse,
>but the components are clearly "Zinoviest" in orientation.
>David Walters

Absolutely. That's why I am not that engaged with Socialist Alliance
politics. All those recriminations that went on continuously between the
Taafe people and the Cliffites over in Great Britain about who would be in
the drivers seat of the SA reminded me of the scenes in Godfather Part One
where the rival gangs sit down to discuss how they can work out their
differences, while secretly planning to machine gun each other the first
chance they got.

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