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Fri Nov 15 23:35:15 MST 2002

--- Erik Toren <ectoren at> wrote:
> Hola Camaradas:
> Used to be involved in IWW. I have shifted my
> activism into other areas, but
> I may consider joining up again.
> Yes, I knew of many anarcho-syndies in the IWW, but
> I have also met in
> person socialist cdes. in IWW and there is a good
> organizer in Texas that
> would label himself revolutionary socialist.
> When I was in IWW I was open about my Marxist
> Socialism and never had any
> problem with my fellow Union members.
> por el socialismo,
> erik toren

Thanks erik.  The same has been true for me.

Wobbly greetings,

Mike B)

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