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Jurriaan wrote:

"There are things missing in the text, for example points about about
efficient, effective communication. If you do not have some norms there you
are still a slave to bourgeois norms of what good communication is, and you
may well end up again with a Babylon of splinters. A communication policy is
essential for a modern political party. There are for instance problems of
communicative inclusion and exclusion which should be clearly resolved at
least in principle."

Yet earlier in his broadside he cut off communication with more than 50
percent of the communities that socialists seek to influence.

"Today's working class doesn't need a bible, they need balls and a way of
getting heard, a way of asserting their interests that works and gets things

Perhaps you don't think that women have a place in the struggle for a
proletarian revolution.   It is appalling that someone involved in the
project to emancipate humanity demonstrates such gender blindness.

It may be a figure of speech but such speech is exclusive of women.

Marx clearly saw that with industrialisation, "Differences of age and sex
have no longer any distinctive social validity for the working class.  All
are instruments of labour,........."

Anyway I am not waiting for anyone "with balls" to hand me my freedom.

As the slogan goes -  No women's liberation without socialist revolution!  No
socialist revolution without women's liberation!

Perhaps it is a problem that more women are not contributing to the list.

This is where I came in in 1974 when I joined the NZ Socialist Action League.
 Always feeling under pressure to get up to speak at meetings and conferences
so that they were not male dominated.

I should have written earlier to support Kim in her rejoinder to Tom. What
really annoys me is that it seems always to fall to women to challenge male

May be you haven't noticed but women around the world are under attack.
Women in fundamentalist communities are being denied their basic human
rights, including to life.  Many muslim women in the "west" have been
subjected to racist taunts, abuse and assault because of their visible
adherence to that faith.

Other matters

I will endorse what Steve P has written re the DSP and the Socialist
Alliance.    I was expelled from the Australian SWP in 1983 because I raised
differences regarding the approach to work in Trade Unions, Central America
solidarity and other movements.  Lack of internal democracy, oppressive
centralism and homogeneity was the problem then and it still seems to be the
problem now.

Anyway this is my first post so I hope it gets there.



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