US Greens got 6-Million votes in 2002

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Sat Nov 16 12:01:15 MST 2002

Yes, the green results were most revealing and satisfying, especially taking
into account the much sharper tone of the Camejo campaign compared to those
in the past. Still, there needs to be care taken with some of these numbers,
in particular the 6 million votes for greens.

That is not 6 million different people voting for greens, it is six million
votes, and typically one person would have cast two, three or more of those
votes, how many depending on how many candidates were on the ballot in a
given locality on the green ticket.

The overall total of votes will depend greatly in this kind of calculation
in how many candidates the greens fielded, and won't necessarily indicate an
increase in the absolute number of people actually voting green.

Nevertheless, we do know the green vote took a huge step forward, again,
especially in California.

I take that as one more sign that there is a layer, albeit a small layer, of
people breaking from the two-party-system in the direction of independent
working class political action in the electoral arena.

I think this means that for now, the Greens have become the vehicle through
which the Left offers working people an alternative to the Democrat and
Republicans in the electoral arena. And that means also a political
clarification *within* the green party organizations, local, state and
national, that the green party is a voice for working people, for Blacks,
for the rights of women and gays and immigrants, for the family farmer and
the small tradesman or shopkeeper, for all those who are victims of the
giant capitalist monopolies and their two-party-system.


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FYI: US Green Party getting almost 6-Million votes in
40 states in 2002, many more than Nader running for
President in 2000 in 50 (?) states.  Here is some info
from their national headquarters.

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