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Jose Perez wrote:

>>The only organization that CAN be built is one "limited" to a
revolutionary perspective and approach to the U.S., and which takes
positions on concrete political questions, not on general
characterizations, historical and theoretical questions, and so on.>>

This is the left regroupment perspective of the DSP in the Australian
Socialist Alliance, which has already begun taking positions on
"concrete political questions, not on general characterizations,
historical and theoretical questions" as they confront the left in

So it is more than an idea already, and a practice we seek to build on.

And it is being done through open, democratic discussion in the
Socialist Alliance. Sometimes it goes to a vote but often there is

Jose Perez wrote:

>>Moreover, the only united organization that can be built is one which
does not try to impose a monolithic version of democratic centralism,
that returns to REAL Leninism, as Lenin understood it and practiced it.
And that is that party discipline applies to ACTION, not to ideas.
People should be free to think and write whatever they want, including
on disputed questions, with the only limitation that it not be used to
sabotage the party's unity in action.>>

>>And functioning as a tightly disciplined fraction in the mass movement
should be strcitly LIMITED to those occassions when there is an actual
need for it, for example, an antiwar coalition meeting where there is a
fight with opponents of building a mass antiwar movement over calling a
demonstration. And even then, the party should very carefully consider
whether its fraction should be organizing that fight, or a caucus of all
those who agree with calling a demonstration in the coalition, party and
non party alike.>>

I vote for (and try to act on) that form of real Leninism too. The trick
is not to get phobic about democratic centralism, discipline, factions,
etc and to know when and over what it should (and can) be used. To
understand this real Leninism one has to understand that it is built on
political authority and agrement that has been won in struggle not
organisational decree.

There is such a thing as military discipline, that is often part of
revolutionary struggle, but even that must have a political basis, as
quite a few left-wing guerrilla movements have discovered when the
political situation has changed dramatically.

Peter Boyle
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