Cockburn answers the red-baiters

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Sun Nov 17 02:16:04 MST 2002

This recurring theme of Cockburn's writing, the need
to align with the, I assume, liberterian right in the
US, would internationally be ludicrious.  Just
recently we had the spectacle of Jörg Haider making
his second or third trip to Iraq this year and shaking
hands with Mr Hussein.  Is this the right the European
Left, for example, should embrace, in the like minded
tactics of Cockburn? I suspect not, but I wonder if
Cockburn doesn't overestimate the significance of the
liberterian right in the US and underestimate the
'traditional' (ie soft) left in the US; viz. organised
labour. It's a tad crude, but think of the difference
between the outcomes of World War Two and Vietnam for
the Left--a divided left in the latter, a (relatively
speaking) united left in the former.  I'm not resident
in the US, but I would have thought the chief aim of
Leftists in that country seeking to stop the war
against Iraq, would not be to embrace the right (no
matter how small a 'slab'), but rather put efforts
into bringing organised labour onside...?

>And if George Bush lets loose the dogs of war on the
>grounds that Saddam wouldn't submit to a full
>personal cavity search, will we see a new age of
>protest? Certainly, if the war goes on long enough
>and Americans getkilled in large numbers. There's a
>slab of the right that's denouncing America's
>imperial wars. That wasn't happening in the early
>Sixties. Ifthe left could ever reach out to this
>right, which it's almost constitutionally incapable
>of doing, we'll have something

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