Question about Ireland

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Sun Nov 17 06:21:42 MST 2002

I know very, very little about Ireland,
so would appreciate some clarification
from those of you who are more informed
about Ireland than I am. I know that
socialists favor a united Ireland and
and end to the British occupation of
the north which is rooted in support
for the Protestant minority there.

It's been my impression that the IRA
was never quite strong enough to drive
the British out of the north, but the
British have never been able to defeat
the IRA either. They seem to be stuck
in a blind alley. I've no solution or
proposal to make, just curious as to
what others on this list might tell
about this.

This comment about the ANC is what
evoked this question. The ANC was not
able to militarily defeat the apartheid
regime, so it made a political deal with
the apartheid regime to take office but
without taking out breaking the economic
and military power of the old system.

Being here in Cuba, where a successful
revolutionary struggle both defeated
and dismantled the entire repressive
apparatus of the capitalist system,
I can see clearly how easy it would
be, and is, to criticism things which
remain undone after 43 years in power.

It would be easy to criticize Gerry
Adams and the IRA leadership for the
deals they have made (which I also
don't fully understand) having to do
with their military disarmament.

But what should they do if they are
not in a position to win? This is an
issue which confronts revolutionaries
in other countries as well, so I think
this would be of general interest.

It's a conundrum. Your help needed.

Thanks in advance for any responses.

Walter Lippmann

Adams and co, it seems to me, are almost as necessary to the process of
modernising the 6 counties as Mandela and the ANC leadership was to the
transition from one political form of capitalism to another in South
Africa (ie capitalism can have various political forms, and one changed
in South Africa was these forms).

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