Solidarity -- and a couple of other thoughts

Mike Friedman mikedf at
Sun Nov 17 10:14:11 MST 2002

>wage-labour. We demand wage-labour's abolition.  As
>far as I know, there aren't any other unions doing
>this.  We urge others to do same wherever they sell

The question is, how do you intend to get there? Build "one big union"? I
don't see the wobblies having notable success in that regard. Could it be
that you fail to give due weight to those burning issues of oppression that
lie intertwined with exploitation at the heart of capitalist society?

>Social justice remains an idealist abstraction without
>the class power to enforce it.  Class power stems from
>a subjectivity which knows that it creates the world,
>demands to control its creation and organizes to
>acheive same.

So, are we to suppose that struggle (as opposed to verbiage: "The IWW
opposes all oppression of the working class, whether it be the bosses
telling them to go shoot others workers ...") for an end to social
oppression -- at least as far as organizing "one big union" is concerned --
must wait until workers "become a powerful force"..."organize class
consciously, when solidarity becomes an active principle"..."we can take
things into our own hands as producers." You may respond, "no, I mean that
those things won't be consummated until we have that power." And I would
reply, we (our organizations) won't have that power, not ever, without
explicitly championing those things. Your "purist" organizational focus on
the economic struggle to the exclusion of anything smacking of the
political (although you would argue that the struggle against exploitation
is at the heart of class politics) weakens you.


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