DSP on Socialist Alternative: 'containment and rollback'

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Sun Nov 17 23:14:45 MST 2002

Alan Bradley:

The article was signed by an individual, not by any leadership body. It
therefore represents a private opinion, not that of the DSP or Resistance.

It's just the private thoughts of an isolated individual, not at all
reflective of the thinking of the tendency? Ok -- and I've got a harbour
bridge to sell you.

Alan Bradley:

The article reflects the fact that the Australian left is fragmented into
competing groups. Using it as a pretext for maintaining that division will
only ensure that more like it will be written.

A leading DSP member has made clear the way he (and, I would argue, his
organisation) views us, using terminology ('containment and roll back')
drawn straight from the lexicon of US low intensity conflict. It's a bit
rich to call refusing regroupment with such people 'a pretext for
maintaining divisions'.

As for those who took the various cries for unity in good coin, well, one
can only repeat Johnny Rotten's question from the last Sex Pistols concert:
'Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?'

Jeff Sparrow

"Comrades, cling to your principles! Be men and women! We are fighting for
freedom; why should we falter?"
J.W.Fleming, 1889

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