British empire loyalists no. 95

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Mon Nov 18 06:06:29 MST 2002

	I happened to catch one of Schama's programmes and was appalled by how
lightweight it was. Yet it and the book and being punted and hailed as the
	There was a TV programme last year (forget what called or who did it) by
another academic on the original Act of Union, the Treaty of Arbroath etc.
and the effect Thatcher had on Scottish consciousness. He was trying to
explain why the Poll Tax caused such uproar in Scotland.
	None of this was done at the time, of course. At least not in the
mainstream. Those were the days of TINA (there is no alternative), when each
Thatcherite step was greeted as great wisdom and just the job, whatever
anguish, fallout or disagreement there might have been.
	Problem is Blair continues the Thatcherite cause, which is why, to pull in
another thread, there is a crisis in traditional Toryism. Ian Duncan Smith
(IDS) has the unenviable task of presenting a Tory alternative to the
greatest Tory in the land (Blair). Some wag realised early on that an
anagram of Tony Blair is 'Tory in Lab'.
	Doubtless when he is gone there will also be programmes saying that his
strategy was flawed and what damage was done.
	The future as I see it is for a federal tricameral state of England,
Scotland and Wales with complete severance of Ireland. Not to say that the
power of the English economy will always be a problem even for Ireland.

Martin Spellman

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