Fwd: "Subversives":22 people arrested in Italy

Einde O'Callaghan einde.ocallaghan at planet-interkom.de
Mon Nov 18 07:32:57 MST 2002

I've just received this from the European social forum list:

"Subversives":22 people arrested in Italy

In the night between 14th and 15th november, 22 italian people, all of
them from the south, were put under arrest accused of  "SUBVERSIVE
ASSOCIATION". Charges and indictemnts are not clear.

 They are from disobbedienti, cobas and radio gap.  They are accused to
be the provokers of the riots in Naples 2001 (ocse meeting) and in Genoa
2001 (g8). They are also accused to have had contacts with blak bloks
during the g8.

Some of them are closed in hight security jails in Trani and Latina.

Other 20 people are inquired.

A couple of them have been searched also in their universitarian offices
that they share with teachers of Cosenza.

They were accused because they exposed and screamed their ideas like
most of us did in the same occasions!

Tomorrow we'll have a demonstration to ask justice and their freedom .
Please spread that news and organize something( a sit-in, a
carcerolazo...) in your own country in front of the italian embassy!

s.,  student

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