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Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 18 08:51:55 MST 2002

Sent with specific reference to an interesting and congenial incipient
discussion at Marxism -- but posted by me at a couple of other places.

No one said it better than James T. Farrell when he wrote his now
well-known, "Neither man nor God is going to tell me what to write."  Aimed
at the Catholic Church and the Communist Party, it'll serve nicely as a
major trail blaze for all creative folk -- and for all Eternity.

I certainly question not only whether any first-rate fictional writer or
artist needs -- but would even want --  any kind of party-line "guidance" --
and I'd certainly include much non-fictional work as well. That "guidance"
is as inevitable a ticket to mediocrity as a Native artist painting for the
Highway 66 tourist trade -- something about which both my father and Carl
Gorman [each an excellent artist and each a free spirit] consistently warned
their children and their students.

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