December 14 New York area march called by Uptown Youth for Peace and Justice

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Mon Nov 18 09:42:05 MST 2002

This is the call initially issued for a united march against the war on
Saturday, December 14 by the Uptown Youth for Peace and Justice and
initially sponsored by a number of groups based in the  Puerto Rican,
Dominican, and Black communities  based in Harlem and uptown New York.

This action was  endorsed as the next big New York City area-wide protest
march for all antiwar groups and individuals at yesterday's United for Peace
meeting of 45 people representing more than thirty organizationsUnited for
Peace.  The meeting was attended by people from the Harlem Tenants Council,
Peaceful Tomorrows (a group of relatives of people who died in the attack on
the World Trade Center), Pax Christi, Harlem Anti-War Coalition,  New York
Nonviolence Network, Uptown Youth for Peace and Justice, Not In Our Name,
International Socialist Organization, Vieques Support Campaign, Communist
Party, No Blood for Oil, NYU Students for Peace, New York Coalition for
Peace and Justice, Say No To War and many other groups.

The meeting called for going all-out to build the December 14 march and a
very important and dramatic expression of solidarity with the people of Iraq
whose lives are being devastated today by bombings and sanctions, a Tuesday,
December 10 (International Human Rights Day) action in which a broad range
of ministers will engage in civil disobedience at the U.S. mission to the
United Nations against the war plans and other U.S. crimes against the Iraqi
people.  A major theme of this event will be gathering food packages and
other donations for the people of Iraq, to be sent in a challenge to the
sanctions. (I will send more details on this when a final leaflet is issued)

One of the themes of the December 14 march will be to inform high-school
students and parents that high school principals will soon be sending in
lists to the government of the names of students who will soon be required
to register for the (currently nonexistent but who knows what tomorrow will
bring) draft.  Schools that fail to do so will lose federal aid.  The
protest will inform the communities that parents can opt out of having their
children's names submitted and show them how to do so.  The practice
reflects the push to herd Black and Latino youth into the military in search
of jobs, to avoid jail, and  so on.

The meeting also decided on an determined and conscientious efforts to reach
out to and include the growing antiwar organization  and activity in the
Black and Latino communities much more than in the past in coalition
meetings, decision-making, and activities.

Following is the text of the call for the  December 14 march.
Fred Feldman

                        New York City
                        December 14th

Uptown Youth for Peace and Justice Call on all members of our Uptown
communities, churches, schools and youths in the struggle of life;
calling youth, students, activists and working people from around the
New York City area; calling all people of color young and old.

We represent youth of color from working-class communities of New
York City and it is us who are targeted to fight and die in this war!

We represent the communities whose schools, hospitals, housing, and
social programs will continue to be cut while our tax money is spent
on an unjust war.

We represent those who oppose and condemn the continued murder of
innocent people around the world. We call for peaceful solutions!

                   WE AIN'T GOING NOWHERE!

                Join us on December 14, 2002

       Rally begins at 12 noon @ 157th St and Broadway
March at 1 PM to 125th St. and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd for a
      Rally at 2:30 at the Harlem State Office Building

    For more information contact Karim at (347)203-6157 or
                  luchando at Endorsed by: Black Radical
Congress, Northern Manhattan Neighbors for
Peace, West Harlem Coalition, Cuba Solidarity New York, Casa de las
Americas, Harlem Tenants Council, Harlem Anti-War Coalition, West
Harlem Coalition, Riverside Edgecombe Neighborhood Association,
Congreso Nacional Dominicano, Alianza Dominicana, La Fuerza
Dominicana, Vieques Support Campaign

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