Letter from Leslie Cagan on meeting of United for Peace in NYC

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Mon Nov 18 09:50:25 MST 2002

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On Sunday, 11/17, over fifty people representing 36 different groups met at
Judson Church to discuss ideas for anti-war activity in New York City on
December 10, Human Rights Day. The meeting was convened in response to a
call issued by United For Peace for local actions around the country on that
day. (United For Peace is a new national campaign bringing together broader
constituencies to help strengthen the developing anti-war movement through
greater coordination.)
There was agreement on the following four points:
a) Interfaith Religious Protest at the US Mission to the United Nations
We will support the plans for a service and non-violent civil disobedience
being planned by an ecumenical group of religious leaders on Dec. 10th.
After gathering at 10 am at Dag Hammerskjold Plaza near the United Nations,
those participating in the civil disobedience will walk to the US Mission to
the UN, getting as close as possible. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to
money for humanitarian aid for the people of Iraq, as well as food for those
in need right here in New York City.
Plans are being developed for a gathering and training the night before,
Dec. 9th. Most likely this will be at the UN Church Center on the corner of
44th Street and First Ave.
For information please contact: (1) Ranjit Mathas - misterranjit at yahoo.com,
(2) Sister Arlene Flaherty - arflah at aol.com, or (3) Rev. Peter Laarman -
plaarman at judson.org
b) Neighborhood Educational Events
We will encourage community based anti-war and social justice groups to plan
educational events in their neighborhoods on the evening of Dec. 10th. More
specifically, we suggest that groups try to hold gatherings at their local
high schools and focus on:
1 - the struggle for human rights globally and here at home, and
2 - the new requirement that high school principals send the federal
government the names of all their seniors, or otherwise run the risk of
losing federal funds.
Resources for discussions and workshops on human rights will be made
available. In addition, material about the federal requirement will be
available, as will sample letters that parents can send to opt out of the
military sign up.
If it is not possible for community groups to do something on Dec. 10th we
encourage these types of forums to be organized for some other time.
c) Support for Dec. 14th Anti-war Demonstration in Harlem/Washington Heights
On Saturday, December 14, Uptown Youth for Peace and Justice is calling for
"youth, students, activists and working people from around the city" to
participate in a demonstration in Harlem on the theme: "We Ain't Going
Nowhere!" People will gather at 157th and Broadway (Pigeon Park) at noon,
then march on a route that will go past CCNY, ending at 125th and Adam
Clayton Powell
Blvd for a rally at the Harlem State Office Building.
There was strong agreement that we should all work to turn out people for
this demonstration, and use activities planned for Dec. 10th to help build
for the 14th. Your group is encouraged to send a representative to the next
planning meeting - Wed., Nov. 20th at
6:30 pm at 2005 Amsterdam Ave, corner of 159 Street. For further information
contact Estevan at estevan26 at yahoo.com or call Karim at 347-203-6157.
d) Media Work
A group was put together to develop plans for an action at one or more major
media outlets in NYC (The NY Times, CNN, etc.) on Dec. 12th - bridging the
12/10 Religious Protest at the US Mission to the UN and the Uptown
demonstration. The focus of such an activity will be to pressure the outlet
for more and more honest reporting on the work of the anti-war movement.
To work on this project, contact Jane Hirshman at 212-22206721 or
kaneri at aol.com. The group will met again on the afternoon of Friday, Nov.
22nd. Contact Jane for details.

More information about these activities will be passed along as it becomes
available. In the meantime, everyone is encouraged to get word out as
broadly as possible. Please share this message with others.
Finally, a listserve is being set up specifically for the planning and
organizing of the Dec. 10th to 14th activities. As soon as that is
established we will let you know how to become a part of it.

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