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At 06:44 AM 11/18/2002, D OC wrote:
 >We need to build political consensus towards
 >reunification and liberation.

I think that you can't separate the struggle for national liberation and
the struggle for socialism.  You can't have one without the
other.  "Two-stage" would seem to describe what you're advocating quite well.

Sinn Fein has been sucked into administering British rule and neo-liberal
economic policies, both of which are in the best interests of European and
American capital.  You can cover it up with all the rhetoric you like, but
that's exactly what has happened.  Though perhaps "sucked into" isn't
entirely correct, since the Adams-McGuinness-Hartley leadership has been
leading the party in that direction for a long time.

Seamus Costello was prescient in 1976 when he wrote, "Even if Britain
didn't have to protect her own economic investments in both parts of
Ireland, she would still be under tremendous pressure to stay and protect
the interests of American and European multinationals who also control
large sections of our economic life."

Compare that to the statement made by a US capitalist in the North Belfast
News last week: "Belfast opens up not only the Irish market but also the
whole of Europe, which is of huge importance to the USA."

 >Very few Irish-Americans have much of a liking for
 >Socialism, yet many support SF's struggle for Unity.

Noraid used to wave the Tricolour and wax poetic about the glorious
volunteers of 1916 at fundraisers targeting Irish-Americans.  Even when SF
was at its most left-wing, there was not even the slightest mention made of
socialism when fundraising in America.

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