Gays and the Cuban Revolution

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Mon Nov 18 15:13:43 MST 2002

forsher at wrote:
> there is also no gay press, and no gay pride demonstrations.

Press is severely limited by material resources in Cuba. What is
more important, medical textbooks or gay newspapers?
Of course homophobia is a big problem there (just like here). But
as to gay pride demonstrations -- this (or last?) year's May Day
march was led by drag queens. That's a pretty good statement of
gay pride IMHO.
Chris Brady provides far more info than I ever could. But to look
at it in perspective: how many third world countries have had
such gains for gay and lesbian liberation?

Re men holding hands: A friend of mine went to Istanbul en route
to Ireland, where he was surprised at (what he first thought) was
the large amount of openly gay couples. Until he worked out that
(as he put it) they were so comfortable in their machismo, they
didn't mind to hold hands.
I think a US general complained, similarly, about the NVA/NLF
forces marching into Saigon holding hands, that the mighty US had
been defeated by an army of "pansies". If only.

Ben Courtice

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