Ireland and denial

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Mon Nov 18 18:06:58 MST 2002

Donal wrote in relation to a part of Bernadette's speech:
>  >This is quite unreal.

Danielle replied:
> What's unreal is how deep the denial runs.  The year before the GFA was
> agreed to, Martin McGuinness said that Sinn Fein would never accept a new
> deal that involved a new Stormont, the IRA would never decommission any
> weapons, and it would certainly never disband.  The first two have already
> come to pass.

It would be very interesting to compile a list of the Provo leadership's
lines in the sand since this whole process began and see how each new
line in the sand has been crossed and the line redrawn and then that one
crossed as well.

The sooner they cross all the lines the better.  Some of their own will
still be in denial, but at least it will be clear to everyone who really
wants to struggle for a free, socialist Ireland what the score is.

Philip Ferguson

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