Gays and Cuba

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> The predecessor of my own organisation, the Militant,
> wouldn't have been so crass as to argue that no
> homosexual can be a communist but it certainly did its
> level best to ignore gay issues throughout the 1960s
> and later.

On the topic of Trotskyist tendencies' shortcomings on gay issues: as
recently as 1992, the US SWP made a big deal over "what is Buchananism, and
how to fight it," portraying an incipient fascist movement while totally
ignoring the prominent, openly homophobic message of the Republican,
Christian right-wing. The disconnect between Buchanan's rhetoric and what
the Barnesites were saying about it struck me as impossible to understand
except as a reflection of the group's inability to present a radical
critique of "family values" as appropriated by social conservatives, perhaps
because of its own homophobic culture. Maybe others on the list can comment
on this from a better-informed perspective.

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