The warring caucuses of the left

DAVID MURRAY dmurray at
Tue Nov 19 13:24:27 MST 2002

The Prince of pomposity Peter Boyle has written again appealing
to our damned sectarian caucuses
of the left to accept DSP domination or perish.
This is what his message is, in not quite the 500 odd words he wrote.

I'd question the use of the word caucuses. To call parties which are active
and building links with the working movement caucuses implies that we are
non-serious discussion circles.

The situation of the left in Australia is much different from places like Scotland
which you would like it to be. The left remains divided  and will probably remain so
for many years. This can not be destroyed with a two year plan by the DSP leadership.
When the struggle heats up, there will be some impetus, otherwise there will be more
new left parties.

The Socialist Alliance has been a colosal failure. In fact it was condemned from the
beginning. It has a centralised constitution and omov. WHich to most outsiders and
the vast majority of the organised left, mean DSP domination, despite window dressing
such as taking a small minority of positions on the executive.

Despite your assertion, there is no room for the SP in the Alliance. As much as we would
like to be building a new workers party, one doesn't exist. But an organisation such as ourselves
must build for that eventuation. As far as the SA is concerned, we take very seriously
that the DSP smears SP and CWI members, and then wants us to join an organisation without
any efforts at repudiation. What would the SP gain by effectively giving its painstakingly accumulated
political capital to the DSP?

Until the DSP learns to drop its sectarian and bureaucratic behaviour, there will be
even less chance for future left unity.

David Murray

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