Gays and Cuba

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Tue Nov 19 15:10:07 MST 2002

The Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald, and Miami's Cuba AIDS Project are not
the best places to get unbiased information about Cuba.

It's like getting the inside story on Marxists from the O'Reilly Factor,
The New Criterion or the Washington Times.

Further, it remians to be seen whether those gay clubs transgressed
social --or economic proscriptions.

One of the problems with critiques of a socialist country in contrast to
a capitalist country, even using similar criteria, is that the critique
of the socialist country can always be directed at its raison d'etre,
and that facilitator, the socialist state, while the same problem in a
capitalist country can be isolated away from the captialist state and
blamed on some naughty individuals.

I certainly understand the desire to hold Cuba to a higher standard,

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