Thousands in Torotnto protest the U.S.-British war

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 AP. 16 November 2002.

Thousands protest against possible war in Iraq.

 TORONTO -- Thousands of demonstrators gathered Saturday in Canada's
 biggest city to protest against a possible war in Iraq and call for
 United Nations sanctions to be lifted.

 Carrying anti-war banners and signs with slogans such as "Don't Attack
 Iraq" and "Love Heals," demonstrators gathered in front of the Ontario
 legislature as part of a series of nationwide anti-war protests this

 "The war against Iraq will have a horrific impact against innocent
 civilians," Marilyn Churley, a member of the provincial parliament told
 the crowd of about 2,500 people.

 "Canada should take back our traditional role as peacemakers and say no
 to war," she said.
 The Toronto demonstration was organized by a coalition of groups
 including the Toronto Committee Against Sanctions and War on Iraq, the
 United Church, Arab organizations, labor unions and other social justice

 "I strongly don't believe Canada should have anything to do with such a
 war -- with or without UN approval," said Jerry Berman, 72, who joined
 the protest with his wife.

 Ali Mallah, president of the Toronto chapter of the Canadian Arab
 Federation said the government should stand up in the world stage as an
 advocate of peace, even if it meant disagreeing with the United States.

 "I hate to say it, but we're becoming sort of irrelevant to United
States policies and plans," he said.

 Protesters later marched from the legislature to the American Embassy,
 calling for sanctions against Iraq to be lifted.

 Other demonstrations were planned Saturday and Sunday for communities
 across Canada.

 Mallah said a national day of anti-war protests is being planned for
 January 18.

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