Gays and Cuba

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Tue Nov 19 17:19:48 MST 2002

>  If this is the case, then I'd have to say that if such a law as article
> 303a existed, then the entire leadership of the Cuban CP should be in
> prison for abetting a crime against the state.

Start writing the warrant then. The INS site confirms the existence of this
as does the UK's IND website. I tried really hard to find a copy of the
Penal Code from a Cuban government website but it's all in Spanish and I
don't speak the language. Maybe someone from Cuba or someone with Spanish
skills could find 303a for us (punishes "publicly manifested" homosexual
behavior, specifically, "publicly bothering others with homosexual amorous
advances" with 3 months to 1 year in prison; reported on by the ILGA in 1997)?

My apologies on relying on the ILGA and El Nuevo exclusively. I know that
El Nuevo isn't the most sympathetic news source, and I understand that they
pick their stories selectively and with an anti-Castro bias. However, I
don't think that this means that these incidents did not occur. And I
further do not take a lack of  articles by a generally heterosexist
institution like the Washington Post (you have to pay to do a search in
their archives, so they very well may be there) to be evidence that the
Cuban Association of Gays and Lesbians' membership was NOT arrested in 1997
with their organization being shut down in the process, or that raidings of
gay clubs have NOT occurred with mass arrests as El Nuevo reported, or that
a minority of the original HIV/AIDS prisoners are NOT still in detention
(because the Cuban government doesn't "trust" them to practice safe sex).

Show me evidence that this is false. Don't just say, "Oh, well, that's just
Miami's El Nuevo"

And no one ever answered my other question: Can a self-declared homosexual
become a member of the Cuban Communist Party? As of a year ago, I am
certain that the answer to that was "No".

I'm really not some rabid anti-Castroite, you know. I DO support much of
the reforms of that regime. Heck, I'm a Canadian - I LOVE universal health
care! However, I get extremely uncomfortable when I feel that comrades are
obscuring the awful oppression of the LGBT community in order to "defend
the revolution".


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