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David Murray wrote:

>>Despite your assertion, there is no room for the SP in the Alliance. As
much as we would like to be building a new workers party,
one doesn't exist. But an
organisation such as ourselves must build for that

The Australian Socialist Alliance has urged the Socialist
Party (Australian section CWI) to affiliate or at least to
cooperate from the beginning. It has supported the SP's
election campaigns on its how-to-vote cards. This has been
the SP's response so far (as presented on its own website):


The latest Socialist Alliance letter to the Socialist Party
shows the Alliance's continuing non-sectarian approach to
the SP:

5 November, 2002.

National Secretary
Socialist Party

Dear comrade,

Socialist Alliance is preparing to run six candidates in the
upcoming Victorian State election. We are standing in
Northcote, Footscray, Melbourne, Dandenong and Lara. We
understand that you are standing in Richmond.

We want to maximise the unity of socialists in this election
campaign. This is important for a number of reasons: so that
ideas get the best hearing possible; so that the left unions
see the possibility of supporting a credible socialist
alternative to the
ALP; to keep up the pressure on the Greens to stick to their
pro-worker and anti-war policies.

We have invited the Socialist Party to join SA in the past,
and that invitation remains open. However, we understand
that you have
taken a political decision not to participate in SA. We
would like to have discussions with your organisation about
how to coordinate
our campaigns. The minimum would be recommending a vote for
one another's candidates.

As you may know, SA has achieved registration as a political
party in Victoria, and thus will have the name "Socialist
appear next to our candidates on the ballot papers. We thank
the Socialist Party for your assistance in gaining this

We want to use our registration to assist the development of
the left as a whole. If there were agreement with our
platform (attached),
we would be interested in discussing the possibility that
your candidate could run as a SA candidate. You would be
able to have
your candidate identified on the ballot as a socialist
instead of an independent.

Please contact Riki on 93877819, 0400877819 or
riki at

Yours in solidarity

Riki Lane, Ian Rintoul, Dick Nichols
SA National co-convenors

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