Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Tue Nov 19 18:09:16 MST 2002

Lou Paulsen writes:
> A few days ago, in a post which I don't have access to at this particular
> moment, Philip Ferguson argued that WWP and ISO had no business being separate
> organizations, that the issue of whether Cuba is socialist or capitalist is
> not so important that it should divide us, and that we should merge.  Forgive
> me if I have the nuances wrong.

> Since Philip is not a fool and is often right about things, I have been
> thinking about this for a few days, and trying hard not to reject it
> reflexively.  However, I continue to disagree.

Lou, you have more than the nuances wrong.

I said I couldn't see sufficient grounds to maintain separate
organisations, based on your comments about the WWP and ISO's different
views of Cuba and Louis Pr and Jose's responses (which I thought made a
lot of sense), but I have not the slightest desire to say that you have
no business being separate organisations or that you should merge.  I
generally avoid like the plague making pronouncements, let alone issuing
instructions, about what revolutionaries in other countries should do.
The only places I have 'a line' on are NZ, which is where I live, and
Ireland and Britain, where I spent a substantial amount of time and was
heavily politically involved.  (I also have some opinions about
Australia, as I'm half-Australian, am a bit informed about politics and
so on there and it's the country in the world most like NZ.  But I don't
have a 'line' even for Australia.)

Thanks for the kind comments about me.  I have a good opinion of you,
too, and I also much respect the anti-imperialist work WWP has done in
extremely difficult circumstances.


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