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> The discussion line, "Solidarity -- and a couple of
> other thoughts," may be
> one of the longer-lived Marxism lines that I've
> initiated.


Thanks for your take on the history of the IWW.  As
you say, one of the most articulate spokespeople for
the IWW was Fred Thompson, an avowed socialist.  Sam
Dolgoff was also a member and knew himself as an
anarchist.  But when you come down to it, both Marx
and Bakunin considered themseves to be socialists.

As far as I know, Debs was never a member of the IWW.
Can you confirm otherwise?

The SLP connection also fascinates me.  As far as I
know, De Leon left the IWW when his credentials as a
delegate to the 1908 Convention were deemed to be
inauthentic.  As far as I know, he wasn't officially
expelled from the union nor were any other SLP
members.  In fact, many SLP members remained in the
IWW for some time after the 1908 Convention.  Perhaps
you could elaborate on this facet.

Thanks again for your time and effort, Hunter.


Mike B)

I've bookmarked your excellent and will peruse more of it
as time goes by.

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