Gays and Cuba

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Tue Nov 19 19:13:23 MST 2002

Eric Toren:

>> I was not able to find such wording. Article 303 states that it makes it
punishable from 3 months to a year or a fine of 100 to 300 quotas for:

a) sexual harrassment
b) offends the good manners or decency with obscene acts and exhibitions
c) produces materials [note: I have shorted wording] which are obscene, tend
to pervert or degrade behaviour.

Now, I am not saying that the wording does not exist in other parts of the
Codigo Penal. They may be in another article and I did not check the whole
Codigo Penal. Also, I am basing myself on this link which states contains
amendments up to 1999. <<

Read it again, Eric. It is quite explicit:


Escándalo Público

ARTÍCULO 303. Se sanciona con privación de libertad de tres meses a un año o
multa de cien a trescientas cuotas al que:

a) importune a otro con requerimientos homosexuales; [that's not just sexual

b) ofenda el pudor o las buenas costumbres con exhibiciones impúdicas o
cualquier otro acto de escándalo público;

c) produzca o ponga en circulación publicaciones, grabados, cintas
cinematográficas o magnetofónicas, grabaciones, fotografías u otros objetos
que resulten obscenos tendentes a pervertir y degradar las costumbres.

Perhaps someone more fluent in Spanish than I could translate this into

But it is clearly aimed at homesexual advances, exhibitions and public
circulation of things that tend to pervert and degrade customs, as an
offence of "public scandal".

Like Eric, I really don't want to get involved in this discussion. But I
think the essential question that has to be asked, when addressing the Penal
Code provision, is whether there is any evidence that this provision is
being enforced, how and to what degree.

Richard Fidler

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