Gays and Cuba (to Xyxy)

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Tue Nov 19 19:25:17 MST 2002

I'll take on good faith your sincerity,
since you are, after all, a Canadian
with universal healty care, BUT...
you refer to the "awful oppression of
the LGBT community" but you cite no
evidence. What "awful oppression" are
you referring to? "Awful oppression"
sounds pretty "rabidly anti-Castroite"
in my lexicon.

As I've said before, Cuba had a BAD record
toward its gay citizens in the sixties
and seventies, but it has a GOOD record
now. I provided lots of documentation
backing this up, but it seems to have
made no impression on you. It seems to
me, therefore, that facts aren't very
important when your opinions aren't
supported by the actual facts...

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I'm really not some rabid anti-Castroite, you know.
I DO support much of the reforms of that regime.
Heck, I'm a Canadian - I LOVE universal health
care! However, I get extremely uncomfortable
when I feel that comrades are obscuring the awful
oppression of the LGBT community in order to
"defend the revolution".


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