nothing for the left to unite on?

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Tue Nov 19 19:38:02 MST 2002

Peter wrote:

There *is* plenty we could do in a united Socialist Alliance -- and your
group will still have the opportunity to argue that its partuicular
tactics, its particular take on history is right and we are all wrong. Or
who knows you might be persuaded that some of your positions might be
mistaken, and the same for us in the DSP. The struggle for "clarification"
or deeper agreement can continue. What more do you want?

What I want is to break my growing addiction to this list.  Still, I'm at
work -- what's everyone else's excuse?  :-)

But in lieu of that, well, you still haven't responded to my argument. How
does you square the list of agreements that you flourish for these kinds of
debates with the production of the document by one of your Melbourne
full-timers outlining tactics to counteract SocAlt? If the first is
sincere, why the need for the second? After all, if you agree with us as
much as you claim, the growth of a group of co-thinkers should something to
celebrate, regardless of whether we're in the same organisation or not.

On the other hand, if -- like Graham -- you want to roll us back or roll us
overboard or roll us over (or whichever terminology you prefer), well, for
the life of me I can't see the point of arguing we should unite.

Of course, there is the old slogan about keeping your friends close and
your enemies even closer -- but that hardly seems a formula for happy
regrouping, unless one's aim is to unite a few backs with some knives!


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