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from "Homosexuality in Cuba: revolution within the revolution"

By Jo Ellis,, 4 July 1999:

In 1986, the Cuban government went through a rectification process (dubbed
"a return to Che") in which it assessed the impact of the social and
economic model of the Soviet Union in Cuba. The Cuban leadership made a
conscious effort to combat and turn away from what they saw as mistakes the
Soviet Union had committed in stifling democracy.

Since 1986, the Cuban state has consciously tried to counter homophobia. Ian
Lumsden, in his book Machos, maricones and gays, says there is "little
evidence to support the contention that the persecution of homosexuals
remains a matter of state policy".

In 1993, a sex education workshop was held in Cuba on homosexuality. Cuban
physician Celestino Alverez explained that all laws regarding homosexuality
had been repealed and that homophobia was a question of "prejudice, not


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