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Tue Nov 19 22:04:48 MST 2002

from Walter Lippman:

>I'll take on good faith your sincerity,
>since you are, after all, a Canadian
>with universal healty care, BUT...
>you refer to the "awful oppression of
>the LGBT community" but you cite no
>evidence. What "awful oppression" are
>you referring to? "Awful oppression"
>sounds pretty "rabidly anti-Castroite"
>in my lexicon.

In a recent post I cited a number of very recent (all last 10 years - not
from the 60s) major incidents of oppression including raids which resulted
in the arrests of hundreds, and the mass arrests of the membership of the
only gay and lesbian organization in Cuba. I got these incidents from
reports on the IGLA's website which had footnotes which showed the original
articles sometimes coming from the Miami anti-Castro press. It is because
of this sourcing that people have been objecting to this evidence.

And for the record I live in New York now (though I still hold on to my
Canadian health care card - just in case).

from Lou:

 >You should be apologizing not for this, but for a disturbing lack of
interest in what the left has to say about Cuba and gay liberation. In post
after post, a wide range of >leftists--including a rather moderate
socialist David McReynolds--say one thing, but you choose to believe
another. And what you base yourself on is a website studded >with gusano
citations. Here, let me make a suggestion. Go to: <snip>

I am not disinterested in what the left has to say about Cuba and I thank
you and Mr. McReynolds (and others) for your contributions which have
helped me enormously to find out more about this. However, this does not
mean that I don't still recognize that (a) many (not all) people on the
left have a vested interest in Cuba appearing to be a utopian paradise, and
that (b) because of this, I am not unwilling to read articles with
anti-LGBT oppression-related news items even from an anti-Castro news
source, because this is one of the few places such news bits might be
published given the extreme disinterest to LGBT rights (and to news that
doesn't have to do with America) that the American corporate press has.
Nothing anyone has said has persuaded me that the Miami press made this
stuff up. Especially not after seeing the same incidents reported in
Amnesty International reports on-line. I am extremely weary of the stock
denunciations of anyone who dares to raise any criticism of the Castro
regime as somehow counter-revolutionary. I am not impressed, nor have I
EVER been impressed, by the clear and total disregard on this list for LGBT
rights or women's rights issues to be taken seriously.

I'm done on this thread, except to reiterate that no one has yet answered
my question: Can a declared homosexual become a member of the Communist
Party in Cuba?

I really do still want to know the answer to that.


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