Short note on Aussie left (to Jeff)

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Tue Nov 19 22:26:04 MST 2002

Jeff wrote in reply to Peter Boyle:
> But in lieu of that, well, you still haven't responded to my argument. How
> does you square the list of agreements that you flourish for these kinds of
> debates with the production of the document by one of your Melbourne
> full-timers outlining tactics to counteract SocAlt?

Jeff, when Gary McL made some negative comments about a few SocAlt
leaders, based on his fairly awful experiences at their hands when he
was in the ISO (and they were leaders of it), you said to him, 'Get over it'.

Isn't it time, therefore, you applied this to yourself and you got over
the words 'rollback and containment'?  I would say that Gary's
experiences were a lot worse than you having to read a DSP document
which included these terms.  I also doubt it's as if SocAlt doesn't
discuss how to deal with the DSP - it's just that their document (ie
that written by one of their members) is out in the open.

Moreover, it is the very division of the revolutionary left which leads
to everybody trying to contain everybody else.

Other than that, all the best,

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