Labor's attacks on civil liberties in NSW

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Tue Nov 19 22:35:06 MST 2002

Kim wrote:
> The New South Wales Labor Party government is currently sprinting to be the
> first state government in Australia to bring draconian anti-terror laws.
> The new laws were approved by the Government State Cabinet on Monday night
> (see article from  the DAily Telegraph below).
> This comes quick on the heel of Michael Costa, the ALP Minister for Police
> banning all street protests in NSW for two weeks while the WTO meet in
> Sydney and his attempt to demonise a public seminar called Civil
> Disobedience Today (hosted by a Green MLA) on the front page of the Daily
> Terror (sorry....the Murdock rag - The Daily Telegraph).
> During the  state ALP government ban on marches, a journalist, Patricia
> Kavelis was trampled, along with a couple of other independent journalists
> from Actively Radical Television,  when police on horse charged the peaceful
> demonstration.

But Kim, how could this be?  Labor is a workers party (of some sort) and
you should be in a united front with it.  Not sure who the united front
should be directed against, but that's a detail that needn't be worried about.

Over this side of the ditch, Labour is just tightening the immigration
controls, by raising the level of English language ability people have
to have.  Not that they're racists, of course.

And no doubt Bob Gould will find excuses for all this stuff and attack
us for being sectarian ultralefts for going after Labour with a noose in
our hands, instead of uniting with them in a load of vulgar Tory-bashing.


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