The Importance of Not Believing everything you read

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Wed Nov 20 02:53:28 MST 2002

Gary: Re the lines in the sand - there was an editorial in the British
> Independent just after the Assembly was closed down which said right out
> that the current crisis in Ulster would have to be solved by putting more
> pressure on Sinn Fein.  They referred to this as the formula that had
> worked before.  So we went from decommissioning to disbandment in a blink.

The British Independent is rabidly anti-Republican - what else would you
expect them to print??The fact that they're saying that pressure needs to be
applied on Republicans is nothing different than they and the rest of the
right wing media have been saying for the last decade.

You have effectively swallowed their political judgement call and
transformed it into extant political reality. Just because they said that
pressure led to 'decommissioning' in the past - although it never did -
indeed, the act of putting 'weapons beyond use' occured in a period when the
RM was not under pressure on the issue - in effect, the 'act' undercut the
justification of its political opponents. As for other realisable demands,
that's all they are. So don't jump to conclusions from the editorial of a
right-wing rag.

Phil: Yes, and that was always going to be the trajectory.

There Phil goes again - the problem for you all, appears to be that you have
little decent information with which to support your gripes towards the RM.
I personally do not read any print outside the An Phoblacht and overseas
publications. Occasionally, the Irish news has an angle but it's just SDLP
orientated. There is the Belfast papers but they aren't available here.

> I can see how James gets frustrated with those who talk about the end of
> Unionism at a time when the Republican movement is morphing itself
> compromise by compromise into Her Majesty's loyal opposition.

This is lovely polemic but where's the care over 'facts' and 'figures' which
underlined much of the writings of Lenin et al. We can discuss our strategy
for the next millenium without regard to fact and go nowhere. All analysis
needs to be ground in material realities. Between lies and rhetoric,
precious little in the way of concrete analysis (or meaningful alternatives)
has been offered by those critical of SF's current strategy. Phil's failure
to identify anything near such a strategy is a case-in-point.


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