Gays and Cuba (to Erin and Fidler)

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Wed Nov 20 07:39:50 MST 2002

Dear Xyxyxyyx -

If you were on the CubaNews list you'd
see that I post all manner of negative
report on Cuba, and that I don't make
it a point of prefacing them all with
"this is bourgeois bullshit". Some of
it IS bourgeois bullshit, but I don't
need to preface all of it with that.

Your question reflects something you
may not have considered: is coming out
as important an issue in Cuba as it is
in the US, Canada and other places?

To that I admit I have no answer and
I've not heard any discussion about
coming out in Cuba as an issue. I'm
not sure, and a bit doubtful, but my
position is uncertain. If we approach
the matter from the perspective that
the same cultural values should apply
in the same way in every country on
Earth, I think we could make mistakes.

I think a better question would be is
there any provision forbidding gays to
join the Cuban Communist Party (which
I doubt, but don't know) and then are
LBGT people prevented, in practice
from joining. I promise to look into
this, as it's, of course, a reasonable

I'll also try to look up the matters
Richard Fidler suggested. I've got a
few other items on my plate, but the
questions are reasonable and worth
looking into seriously.

There is also the question of are the
laws enforced selectively, and are
LGBT people singled out.

Walter Lippmann


Can a declared homosexual become a member
of the Communist Party in Cuba?

I really do still want to know the answer
to that.


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