Socialist Alliance: We'real good revolutionaries here...but some are more revolutionary than others

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Wed Nov 20 07:42:14 MST 2002

 ignore previous post somehow lost the text.

--- dave riley wrote:
> Ultimately and actually it's only practice that can
> decide any of these
> questions. Only by dealing with concrete day to day
> questions, who should
> differ and who should agree is formally resolved.

Kay writes:

That is it exactly.

The problem is that a lot of people have had
experience of the DSP practice either as members or in
previous regroupment exercises.  Think New Left Party,
NDP, SPA and even earlier Communist League and other
smaller fusions in the 1970s.  And they have come away

The other problem in this instance is that the
Socialist Alliance is primarily an electoral
combination.  It's work is dependant on the electoral
process and therefore not an opportunity for
consistant work and engagement in struggle.  Just
working together on election campaigns, seems an
extremely limited activity to me. This is the reason I
was not interested in it when I learnt of its
existence from my sister.

I have no problem with socialists getting involved in
elections.  Obviously it is an opportunity for getting
ideas to a wider and more politically attuned
audience. However a perennial problem with the various
engagements groups have had in the electoral arena is
the way they assess the outcomes of the experience ie
in votes cast for them and not for other left parties.
 Instead of in the numbers of new members or contacts
that may have been attracted to the group.

Also electoral activity seems to be undertaken in a
quite artifical way in that it doesn't necessarily
flow out of other activities.  It becomes just another

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