Fire Ants

Richard Fidler rfidler at
Wed Nov 20 07:54:24 MST 2002

>>The basic problem with Zinovievist formations is that their
close-minded, hierarchy-bound and conservative methodology tends to
exclude this possibility at the outset. They are seeking acolytes rather
than leaders.<<

Lou cites Mike Davis and Juan Gonzalez. I wouldn't dispute these
nominations, but it strikes me there are some good examples closer to Lou's
own experience that he somehow overlooked. For example, Farrell Dobbs, a
leader of the Teamsters union in the 1930s and a key participant in American
labor's upsurge in those years; Fred Halstead, an outstanding leader of the
anti-Vietnam war movement; C.L.R. James, a major Marxist theoretician; and a
host of others that he and I knew or knew about who were members at various
points - often for long periods - of the Socialist Workers Party National
Committee. But then, they were members of a "Zinovievist formation", which
was simply seeking acolytes, not leaders....

Richard Fidler

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