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Chris Brady cdbrady at
Wed Nov 20 10:52:48 MST 2002

Hey, Kelly,
I went into studying history but out of an art background.
It was partly because of my experiences in New York and
investigations into the history of Western Fine Art Painting.
The art market and its attendant support structures are
interesting and clearly class associated.

At any rate,
I read a series of art college notes a friend of mine gave me.
They were from a class he took at the San Francisco Art
Institute with a Marxist art history professor.  They
made more sense to me than anything I had read to that time.
They still do, too.  I admit that iconoclasm was integral
to my weltanshauung, but there was clear argument substantiated
by my own personal experience.

Then I read the Communist Manifesto; it really made sense, too.

Capital intimidated me until, years later, I had the good fortune to be
introduced to Volume I through its back door: Part VIII, "The So-Called
Primitive Accumulation."  As an English major, you should appreciate the
allusions Marx makes to Shakespeare and Homer, among others.  It is not
difficult to read at all. In fact I have often thought that it would be
wonderful if those 70 pages could be bound and published as a booklet
for people such as myself to read independently of the big volumes; it
might make them appear more inviting.

Part VIII describes the history of early capitalism, and how it
I think it should be essential to the course you described.

BTW, I very likely am older than you, but wisdom?
I dunno.

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