Thousands in Torotnto protest the U.S.-British war

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On 19 Nov 02, at 17:14, Fred  Feldman wrote:
> Thousands protest against possible war in Iraq.
>  TORONTO -- Thousands of demonstrators gathered Saturday in Canada's
>  biggest city to protest against a possible war in Iraq and call for
>  United Nations sanctions to be lifted.
CBC News reported:

The protesters branded American foreign policies as imperialistic.
Some carried placards reading "Don't Attack Iraq" and "Love Heals".
Others played drums and sang as they marched from the legislature to
the U.S.  consulate.
      Similar rallies were held Saturday in smaller communities across
B.C., in  Prince George, Penticton, Grand Forks and Nelson. About
150 people showed  up for a protest in Regina, and a few dozen
turned out for anti-war speeches at the University of Brandon.
      More demonstrations were planned for Sunday in several major
cities,  including Vancouver, Victoria, Montreal, Ottawa and Halifax.


There appears to be a national anti-war coalition of trade unions, church
groups, student groups, NDP and peace groups that pulled off these
coordinated demonstrations.  There was even petiioning in Yellowknife,

At thed demonstration in Montreal, according to the Montreal Gazette,
several members of parliament from the NDP spoke on the sidewalks
outside of Concordia, an English-language university in Montreal.  There
is a ban on speaking about the MidEast on Concordia's campus.

Could be interesting since the U.S. ahs officially asked Canada for help
in invading Iraq, even though Canada has a travel advisory in force for the
United States, because it treats Canadian citizens of South Asian or
Middle Eastern origins badly.

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