the war -what happens now?

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at
Wed Nov 20 13:33:50 MST 2002

Here's some thoughts on Gary MacLennan's question on the war against Iraq.

I think that a war is pretty much inevitable. Bush & Co want one, as this is
the start of the grand scheme for imposing US hegemony over the Middle East
and, eventually, elsewhere. The massive military build-up in the Gulf and
elsewhere indicates pretty clearly to me that they're serious about a war. A
big war is not only aimed at the Baghdad regime, it is to signal to the
world at large that the USA is the Number One Big Power, and the world must
obey or face the consequences. Elements of the US bourgeoisie, important
ones at that, are a bit concerned that the way Bush is going about it may
lead to severe problems, but they're not going actively to oppose him, as
they too believe in the extension of US hegemony. This is what the New World
Order is about!

The idea of the 'Axis of Evil' means that once Iraq is finished with, and
the USA has a puppet regime in Baghdad, or runs a military government until
one can be built, Washington will move on to the next member of the Axis. A
military defeat of Iraq will show that the USA means business, and will not
hesitate to use it elsewhere, if necessary. The advantage of the strange
assortment of states in the Axis and its ill-defined nature is that the USA
can target practically anyone it so desires, and add anyone to the Axis.
It's a club where your enemy names you as a member, whether you like it or

Blair has played a particularly insidious role in getting Bush to use the
UN. In fact, Blair has eased the way for Bush to take over the Security
Council, as nobody will actively oppose the USA -- note how France, Russia
and China did not use their veto on the key UN-SC resolution the other day.
This UN-SC motion can be interpreted by the USA as permission to use armed
force against Iraq, if Baghdad is seen in Washington as obstructing the UN
observers -- and we know just how easy that can be, whether or not Iraq does
cause any obstruction (I doubt if it will, seeing what's at stake). The
other SC members cannot stop the USA from going to war, they can only
complain that this wasn't what they thought the resolution meant.

Paul F

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