Socialist Alliance: We'real good revolutionaries here...but some are more revolutionary than others,

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Wed Nov 20 15:42:57 MST 2002

Kay McVey writes:

"The problem is that a lot of people have had
experience of the DSP practice either as members or in
previous regroupment exercises.  Think New Left Party,
NDP, SPA and even earlier Communist League and other
smaller fusions in the 1970s.  And they have come away

I don't mean to seem pedantic but this seems like a grossly sweeping
statement to me. Kay goes back 30 years here, pushes a few buttons and
concludes off handedly  that "they have come away burnt." I don't really
know what she means by "burnt" and we are not enlightened as to what
constitutes DSP "practice" common to all these "regroupment exercises" but
whatever it is, she thinks that -- like another DSP expert,  Bob Gould --
the party is guilty of some form of original sin.  As for those who got
themselves supposedly  "burnt" by being downwind of DSP activities, Kay's
not naming names.

The problem with arguments like this  is that they skirt the key question:
If the Socialist Alliance became a serviceable regroupment vehicle would
you/should you be part of it?  Kay's answer, I gather, is: not if the DSP is

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