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Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Wed Nov 20 21:43:39 MST 2002

Kim B writes:
> We need to view it successes in what it has been able to do
> in relation to not only drawing many "non-aligned" activists involved into
> organised political activity (for example in the last election over 1000
> people helped out  during the election campaign, who were not members of the
> founding parties), but how it relates to movements and drawing people toward
> socialist ideas.

To give readers outside this part of the world some idea of the
significance of this - 1,000 people in Oz equates to about 15,000 people
in the US.  So while we are still talking about relatively small numbers
in the big scheme of things, we are talking about *very significant*
numbers in terms of the existing far left in  the English-speaking
imperialist countries.  I gather that the Socialist Alliance has about
2,000 members, although half or a bit more are paper members.  However
this equates to 30,000 members in the US - about 30 times the number the
biggest far left group in the USA would have (I think the ISO in the
States has about 1,000 members).

Thus the stakes are quite high.

Philip Ferguson

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