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Chris Brady cdbrady at
Thu Nov 21 00:01:26 MST 2002

I know what you mean, Kelly.
I worked when I went back to school nights and weekends at Brooklyn
College.  But unlike many students at that working class college, I had
significant support from family members who babysat for my toddler, and
so on.  When tuition increased and CUNY began to cut departments, I saw
some people had to drop out.  One was a wonderfully high spirited
A-student, a junior forced to squander a three year investment of time,
money and constant stress.

When I graduated, a bejeweled benefactor at some award ceremony told me
that I was a good example of how hard work could get you through.  I
heard that more than once, a sort of apology for the status quo. That
young woman who was culled from college was a poor, African-American,
working, single mother who lived with her own sick, unemployed widowed
mother in Flatbush.  She worked harder than me.  I know it.  Take it
from there.
I can't even remeber her name anymore. Started with a "K" I think.
I do remember her smile.
And how, toward the end, we saw less of it.

Globalization may be daunting. Consideration of the politics of
and self-preservation--might compel you to offer your more radical
opinions in the third person. You can also entertain yourself by logging
the more obnoxious rationalizations for neo-liberalism. As an English
major, you might like to note the appearances and mannerisms of various
speakers as they expound upon their antedeluvian world views. Some of
them used to infuriate me with their callous attitudes toward the hoi
poloi, until I began to perceive them as caricatures. You might find
some have little empathy for their fellow humans, but harbor great love
for cats, dogs, horses, and cars, and such, um, things.

Whatever, don't let their truncated humanity stunt yours.

P.S.: Marxists should consider their responsibilities as organic
intellectuals in the Gramscian sense.  Jeff Schools are not around

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