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Thu Nov 21 06:00:33 MST 2002

Dave wrote:

As for those who got themselves supposedly "burnt" by
being downwind of DSP activities, Kay's not naming

Kay replies:

Well it might be a useful idea to do a balance sheet
on all those previous regroupment attempts.  What they
achieved? Who is still in the DSP as a result? Count
the hundreds who have moved out, many right out of
left politics all together.

Unfortunately approaches to other organisations have
often been handled like schemes to get a big bunch of
recruits quickly and not as genuine attempts to forge
a new organisation.

That is the key issue.

Dave wrote:

The problem with arguments like this is that they
skirt the key question:
If the Socialist Alliance became a serviceable
regroupment vehicle would you/should you be part of
it?  Kay's answer, I gather, is: not if the DSP is

Kay's answer:

Not if the DSP is using it as a trawling expedition.
That would just lead to a further set back and
hardening of divisions.  Until some change in the
objective local conditions forces people to come
together as has occurrred historically - Russia 1917,
Nicaragua, El Salvador.

And a question for Kim

How has working in campaigns as the Socialist Alliance
been different to working as the DSP?  Is there any
difference in practice?


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