Request for greetings to DSP congress

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Request for greetings to Democratic Socialist Party congress

November 20, 2002

Dear Comrades,

The Democratic Socialist Party will be holding our 20th National
Congress in Sydney from December 28, 2002, to January 1, 2003. This will
be a decision-making congress for the DSP where we discuss and vote on
reports outlining our national and international assessments of the
political situation and adopt perspectives for our work for the next two
years, take some very significant decisions about how we carry out our
political work in the next period, and elect a new national leadership.

The congress comes at the end of a very exciting period for the DSP and
Resistance. Campaigning against Bush and Howard's war drive, for
refugees, against the WTO and other manifestations of imperialism's
neo-liberal globalisation has ensured we've had a very busy and
successful year. We also held a very inspiring Asia Pacific
International Solidarity Conference in Sydney at Easter.

But the issue which has been central to our political work in the latter
part of the year and which will be a central focus of the Congress
discussion is the effort to build a stronger, more effective Socialist
Alliance -- the whole question of left unity and regroupment. (Many of
the documents leading up to our congress and much of the discussion
relating to the Socialist Alliance is available on our web site:

The agenda for the congress will include the following reports:

1. Imperialist crisis, imperialist war drive
2. International left regroupment - building the revolutionary party
3. Building the Socialist Alliance
4. Defending militant trade unions
5. Campaigning against the imperialist 'war on terrorism'
6. Fighting for women's liberation today
7. Building Resistance in a new period
8. Party building tasks and perspectives

We would appreciate receiving written greetings from socialist
organisations around the world who have some familiarity with the work
of the DSP, or who have followed the political situation in Australia
through our associated newspaper Green Left Weekly.

Socialists in Australia suffer from the tyranny of distance, and we know
it's difficult for comrades on other continents to travel all the way to
Australia. But being able to read out greetings to the Congress from
comrades around the world provides important inspiration and solidarity
for our comrades.

Having that contact and collaboration from many comrades in different
parties and different political situations is especially important when
we are doing all we can to develop greater left unity and collaboration
through the Socialist Alliance here. So we look forward to receiving
your message of solidarity in time for the Congress.

Warmest comradely greetings,

John Percy,
National Secretary,
Democratic Socialist Party
Intl at
Fax: 61 2 9690 1381
Tel: 61 2 9690 1230

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