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Dear friend of United for Peace,

The following email announcement was put together by the UFP Dec. 10
working group to let local groups and individuals know about the call
for a national anti-war day of action on Dec. 10. Please spread the word
with your members and affiliate groups. You can either forward this
email or write something that fits more with the culture of your

Thank you! Andrea Buffa


TAKE ACTION NOW TO STOP THE WAR ON IRAQ! Call for local, decentralized
actions on December 10th!

United For Peace, an emerging national campaign working to stop the war
on Iraq, is coordinating a day of local actions on Tuesday, December
10th, International Human Rights Day.

Hundreds of communities around the country will organize events on this
day and United For Peace will publicize them as a national day of action.

We want you to be involved in this effort! UNITE FOR PEACE AND SAY NO TO

Read on for suggestions about what you can do in your community. For
more information about the United For Peace Campaign contact
202-862-9740 x3038 or 415-255-7296 x311.

Please post your events to!


*TALK to friends, neighbors and colleagues about what war will mean for
people in both the Unite States and Iraq.

*ORGANIZE anti-war rallies at the offices of Congress members who
supported the war resolution, military bases, or military recruitment

*BUILD a campaign to get your local city council, student government,
union, or other civic body to pass a resolution against the war. To find
out more about this kind of community organizing effort go to

*EDUCATE your community by holding teach-ins at high schools and
colleges on U.S. - Iraq relations or on the realities of war.

*DEMONSTRATE your opposition to war by wearing a blue and white ribbon
or armband.

*TAKE ACTION by joining a nationally coordinated campaign of non-violent
civil disobedience with the Iraq Pledge of Resistance. For more
information contact 301-589-2355 or pledgecoordinator at  or

*GIVE out information and anti-war flyers. A downloadable anti-war flyer
(³Top Ten Reasons Not to Invade Iraq²) will soon be available at

*COMMIT yourself to overnight peace vigils or peace encampments in front
of local federal office buildings.

*CHALLENGE war propaganda by putting a sign in your window or on your door.

*CREATE actions that highlight the role of U.S. oil companies and the
U.S. Oil addiction as driving forces behind the proposed war on Iraq. To
join with students who plan to protest at gas stations contact STARC at
nknewkirk at

*MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Phone or fax blast the White House and tell them

Together we can stop this war before it starts - seize the moment! --

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