Down with Anti-Semitism!

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Thu Nov 21 08:07:46 MST 2002

---  <forsher at> wrote:
> If poet Paulin really said,
> Brooklyn-born Jews who had settled in  the West Bank "should be shot
> dead,"
> then I devoutly hope there is an enormous crowd raising absolute hell
> outside the Harvard building where he speaks. For the record, I will
> stand with "Brooklyn-born Jews" any day of the week.  When I was in
> the YSA and the anti-Vietnam war movement, I was privileged  to be
> marching with "Brooklyn-born Jews." And I will be proud to be a part
> of the crowd that protests Paulin's utterly bigoted and reprehensible
> statement.

Were those Brooklyn-born Jews violent racists, who stole your land and
frequently commit acts of military and economic terrorism against a
civilian population?

Thought not.

There is a major honkin' difference between your run-of-the-mill
Brooklyn-born Jews and those that are occupying Palestinian land and
claiming it as their own.

(son of a Brooklyn-born Jew)

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