GET A CLUE (was: Re: Alan Wald is cool. So is Israel.)

LouPaulsen at LouPaulsen at
Thu Nov 21 09:05:23 MST 2002

> I think Jews need their own army; but since 1948, we
> have that.

And then people wonder where people like Osama bin Laden get the idea that the
racist occupation of Palestine is the work of "the Jews".  They get it from
people like you who are ready to declare that Sharon's army is "the Jews' own
army."  You should probably speak for yourself on this.  There are a hell of a
lot of Jews worldwide who are fighting against that army and that state.  If
it is YOUR army, then YOU are responsible for its murders, aren't you?  Better
watch out before someone decides that YOU should be shot dead.  Actually you
are deluded.  It is imperialism's army.  You only think it is your army.

I suppose you think that the U.S. army is in the world to protect innocent
American students from getting killed in Grenada or somewhere.  Thank god we
upstate New York-born Anglo-Germans have OUR own army!  Geez.  Get a clue,
would you.

Lou Paulsen

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