Alan Wald is cool. So is Israel

Jurriaan Bendien J.Bendien at
Thu Nov 21 10:26:52 MST 2002

I agree with Adam, Israel is not cool. Zionism is a bit like a hustler who's
been through a war in which he and his people were persecuted and some of
his family have been killed. So he hits on the perfectly healthy idea to
find himself a home in the town he originally came from, where he can live
in dignity. He doesn't get any further than finding a room with some people
who feel sorry for him, but after living there for a while, he resents them
and starts to think "the house in mine as of right", so he buys a gun,
throws out two occupants, sticks two others in the dog kennel and the shed
in the back yard as servants, kills two others and annoys the rest so badly
they leave. Then he changes the locks, forges ownership papers, takes out a
loan from his rich American uncle and starts a business in psychotherapy for
wandering Jews, doing some home improvements to make the place look more
attractive to customers. Over time, he takes some patients into the house,
to prove he is not a bad guy after all, except that the original occupant
now living in the shed has to leave, because he wants to tear down the shed
to make way for extensions. He keeps writing letters to his rich American
uncle about how he is continuously improving his life and helping other
people, and the uncle keeps sending him money. Then he starts to think, "I
need more Lebensraum", so with the aid of tricks and violence he expells the
neighbours on each side out from their homes as well. Then he tells the guy
he threw out of the shed "I am not a bad guy you know, you can live next
door if you pay the rent".


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